Mind Mapping

Deep creativity requires… Deep Mind-Mapping®.
Mind MappingMagicalPad provides an intuitive visual framework that fosters clarity, innovative thinking and communication to improve business results.Brainstorm ideas and organize your thoughts.

By using Mind Maps, you can quickly identify and understand the structure of a subject. You can see the way that pieces of information fit together, with MagicalPad’s deep mind-mapping® you can view maps of outlines which show you the relationship between your lists, projects, and structures. This combination gives you a visual of the depth of your information and the relationship between each component of your content.
With simple interactions you can look at a high level relationship or drill-down to the details with each node of your mind map.

View it the way you think of it.

MagicalPad enables you to view information the way you think about it: A high-level map view that gets you the relationship between your ideas; and a quick zoom in within the outline components gives you relationships and hierarchy within each component.