Install Trial

To install trial you need to allow apps downloaded from Anywhere. This is the way to trust apps that are not installed via the app store. MagicalPad can be installed on OSX 10.9 and above.

Initial Sync

To enable sync, go to app settings and turn on Sync. it is using Dropbox instead of iCloud. These will help the initial sync go smoothly: Enable sync one device by one device, meaning wait for device 1 to finish sync before enabling device 2. Wait for both initial syncs […]

Number icon – red badge

The Number icon or red badge on the icon represents the number of due or past due tasks within MagicalPad. Go to App Settings to turn it off. Currently there are tasks in the sample notebooks. To get rid of the badge, you can either tick the tasks and make […]

How to find the iPhone/iPad App Crash Logs

While troubleshooting crashes, we may request a crash log to determine what is happening. Here are instructions to find a crash log for MagicalPad on Mac and Windows. 1. Sync with iTunes Crash logs are transferred to iTunes whenever you sync your device. Plug in your device, and launch iTunes […]

Exporting/printing options

You have 3 options for sharing to PDF and printing it. Print selected item – select an outline, a mind map, or even a branch, then save as PDF, then print the PDF Print What you see in the page – zoom and pan to get the right content on […]

Issues with Sync

If you have issues syncing try the following steps: If you have content that is on dropbox and not on ANY iPad/Mac (local content), make sure to pull it to at least one device before upgrading. Make sure you have the new version of MagicalPad on all devices. Do NOT […]

Problems installing MagicalPad

If you have problems installing MagicalPad, you help us troubleshoot by doing the following: 1. Remove MagicalPad 2. Clear your trashcan 3. Open your activity monitor 4. Search for cfprefsd 5. Double-click on all of them if more than one and quit them 6. Open Console 7. Go to the menu […]