New Features

Automatic Content Detection:

– Detects URLs and web links, opens them directly in the browser. Natural unlimited URLs within the content accessible with a click

– Detects emails and automatically opens them in the mail app. Add email as natural part of your content

– Detects phone numbers (US formatting) and automatically opens them to be dialed

– Detects dates and automatically opens them in the calendar app

Internal Links – Link to any item from any page or notebooks:

– Copy an outline, mind map, branch or a text box and and paste it as link to directly access it with a click

– Great for outlining your ideas and create dedicated pages or items with more details accessible from the main outline

– Dynamics links – links automatically get updated even if you move the page to another notebook

Enhanced shortcuts and Gestures. Click-and-hold mouse to start panning, check out the shortcuts page from the help menu

Better support for Japanese, Chinese, Korean and others

Improved themes and styles

Improved performance and rendering

Improved sync and file locking

Many bug fixes


  • Freeform notes. Place text boxes, outlines mind maps, photos, and drawings anywhere on the page. Drag/drop galore.
  • Content detection for URLs, websites, emails, phone numbers, dates and internal links
  • Link to any element from different pages and notebooks and go directly to them with a tap
  • Simple input. Just type and hit enter to add topics.
  • Unlimited mind maps outlines and notes on the same page.
  • Convert freely from mind map to outline and vice versa.
  • Add task info, icons, tags, and more to any element
  • Drag & drop to merge or split oultines, branches and mindmaps
  • Create mindmap of outlines and regular nodes
  • Manage your tasks like a dashboard from within beautifully formatted outlines and mind maps
  • Switch to task view for a more focused task management and filter by dates, tags, etc.
  • Attach drawings & hand notes, photos, and many document types including PDFs, MS Word, MS Excel, MS PowerPoint, Apple Pages, Numbers and KeyNote documents.
  • Export in a variety of formats including OPML, PDF, JPEG, RTF and TXT.
  • Export via email, Dropbox, Google Drive, iCloud and Evernote
  • Import content from Email, Dropbox, Google Drive and iCloud.
  • Share to Twitter and Facebook.


Freeform Layout

One of the most innovative features of MagicalPad is the freeform layout and the flexibility in which you can place and organize your content to create a dashboard-like layout of structured information with everything at your fingertips.

Using drag/drop you can move notes, outlines and checklists anywhere you want to make your iPad notes mirror your thinking and to portrait the importance and precedence of your ideas and actions.

Unlike other note apps or outliner apps where you are bound by one outline structure or a note’s page locked in lines, MagicalPad enables you to put unlimited notes, outlines and checklists & todos side by side in one space. Go ahead, build your information dashboard!

Advanced Interactivity

Structured thinking demands structured notes. One thing special about iPad notes is the touch screen; with advanced drag/drop capabilities you can easily prioritize actions, split and merge outlines, create sticky-like notes and format content to effectively express your ideas and organize your thoughts. You can also expand and collapse content to focus on the right level of detail.

Prioritizing ideas and actions is a joy using MagicalPad; simply drag list items up and down the list to order and prioritize. You can also create unlimited hierarchies within a single list, merge lists or split outlines to add more details on separate lists. With flexible formatting of each single item of your content you will be able to give every idea the attention it deserves.

Share the Magic

Connected to the Cloud

MagicalPad plays well within the cloud. With impressive sharing options including Dropbox, Evernote, Google Docs and email, you can easily export your notes in different formats including PDF, OPML, RTF and a native MagicalPad Xchange file format (MPX), which is great for sharing with other MagicalPad users.

Enterprise and business users can easily share project and meeting notes; students can seamlessly share school notes. You can exchange files with Mindjet, Curio, Merlin, Omni products, or any other software or app that supports OPML. You can also import outlines and notes from other apps and desktop & mac software to continue your work, then export it back.

Project the Magic

Use Apple TV, HDMI cable or Video mirroring and the Apple Digital AV Adapter (DVI). Your HDTV or HD projection screen becomes a bigger version of your MagicalPad. Rank and prioritize ideas and plans with your team. This makes it great for collaboration and presentation for school and business.


Everything at Your Fingertips

  • Information dashboard
  • Freeform layout
  • Import /export to the cloud
  • Unlimited hierarchical lists
  • Checklists
  • Granular formatting

Freeform Layout – Drag/Drop

  • Move items freely anywhere
  • Split & merge outlines & lists
  • Prioritize items
  • Move items to different lists
  • Indent/outdent

Share with the Cloud

  • Import /export to the cloud
  • Export to Dropbox, Evernote
  • Google Docs and via email
  • Export as PDF, OPML, RTF and MPX
  • Import OPML, RTF, TXT, and MPX
  • Share with other apps