iPad Notes – Freeform Notes and Outlines

Take iPad® notes. Organize ideas. Build outlines. Prioritize actions. Share your thoughts.
Structured. Intuitive.

Once you take notes with MagicalPad, it’ll be hard to take notes any other way again. Take notes in a meeting, brainstorm, storyboard, jot down your thoughts then organize them later or start an outline, then flesh out the details later. However you do it you’ll feel the magic.

Visualize, create and share information in organized, structured and beautiful way, the way you think.

MagicalPad is one of the best apps for ipad note taking using keyboard and intuitive gestures.

“Checklists with unlimited depth hierarchy with drag/drop and many of them on the same page? now that’s magical!” – MagicalPad user

The Best note taking app for iPad just got Magical.

Interactive. Beautiful. Magical.