Outlines meet mind maps

iPad Outliner – Organize your Ideas and Tasks

Outlines meet mind maps

Many iPad owners love iPad outliners to manage their ideas, notes and tasks because of their simplicity and flexibility to structure ideas and visualize information in hierarchical way without lot of effort.
Depending on your needs, there are many iPad outliner apps that you can choose from, and most of them offer these features:

    • Hierarchical content structure
    • Some sort of checkbox
    • Expand collapse content
    • Reorder items within the outline

While these features are necessary in an iPad outline app, it meets only basic user needs. MagicalPad stands out from the crowd of iPad outliners by providing a break-through new idea called Freeform outlining, which simply means you can have many outlines on the same page that you can move around, merge and split like never before. Here are some of the features that MagicalPad offers as an outliner app in addition to the above basic features:

  • Unlimited outlines on the same page
  • Free-form layout – drag/drop outlines around the page to create your own information dashboard
  • Split outlines by simply drag/drop
  • Merge outlines by simply drag/drop
  • Reorder outline items using drag/drop
  • Move items under others using drag/drop
  • Mix notes and outlines on the same page
  • Layout outlines like you layout a mind map for clearer thinking
  • Advanced formatting
  • Extensive sharing options to Dropbox, Evernote, Google Docs and email
  • Export as OPML, PDF, RTF, and native MPX file format for sharing with other users.

MagicalPad is an amazingly flexible iPad outliner for creating, collecting, and organizing information. Use MagicalPad’s structure to brainstorm new ideas, drill down to specific details, organize your thoughts, jot down your to do list and get things done. It’s more than just an outlining app— it is a mix of outliner, note taker and mind mapping app for the iPad.