Prepare and Execute Meetings Effectively.

Need a more efficient way to run your meetings?

MagicalPad is one of the best iPad apps for productivity and running meetings. By just using the iPad keyboard and gestures you can plan and run your meeting, map your thoughts, outline and prioritize options.

Brainstorm, organize your agenda, take notes and create and send structured beautiful minutes. Note taking using iPad and MagicalPad app is a powerful way to increase productivity and collaboration.

Successfully run a meeting in easy steps:

  • Brainstorm, organize and create your agenda
  • Send agenda using share via email from MagicalPad
  • Take notes on each topic and flesh out the details
  • Prioritize available options and action items using drag-drop
  • Group or split items on your screen. Create your dashboard
  • Expand and collapse to drill down to the details while focusing on priorities
  • Send meeting notes to participants as a beautiful structured pdf file, text or outlines, or just send notes to yourself.