Create Successful Project Plans.

MagicalPad enables users to kick off a project plan.

Define Goals. Use outlines and lists to gather and communicate goals and project milestones. Structuring task lists, deliverables and resources helps you and your team understand project expectations and detect any gaps.

Interacting with project elements is a joy with MagicalPad, split task lists into workable units, merge different lists into milestone groups. Best of all, prioritize phases and actions with your team using drag/drop to move items up or down the priority list while you share your screen on a projector using HDMI output.

Successfully start a project plan in easy steps:

  • Create a task list and work breakdown structure (WBS)
  • Structure your plan, indent or outdent tasks to finalize the WBS
  • Brainstorm, and organize tasks
  • Take notes on each item and flesh out the details
  • Prioritize available options and action items using drag-drop
  • Expand and collapse to drill down to the details while focusing on priorities
  • Send project plan to participants as a beautiful structured pdf file, text or outlines or as an MPX file to import to their MagicalPad
  • Finalize project plan and export to project management software as OPML file