Take Control of Your School Notes.

Take notes, structure your thoughts, organize your ideas and manage your checklists with ease.
You wish you had more structure and focus?

MagicalPad is one of the best iPad apps for taking notes in meetings or in school. If you think about it, other than drawing, the reason you are still using a pen or a stylus is freedom of moving around the page to emphasize and structure your thoughts and notes. Unlike other note taking apps, MagicalPad gives you that freedom of freeform layout to put and move content anywhere in the page with so much ease while providing tools to structure your notes in unlimited hierarchical outlines, sticky-like notes, checklists all on the same page.

“Checklists with unlimited depth hierarchy with drag/drop and many of them on the same page? now that’s magical!”
MagicalPad User


Take separate notes for each session and search across all your notes at once. You can export your notes as PDF, RTF, and OPML to DropBox, Google Docs, Evernote and via email. You can also export your notes as a native MagicalPad Xchage file format (MPX) for sharing your notes with other MagicalPad users. MagicalPad plays nicely with other apps and software, you can easily import and export OPML files to transfer to or import from Curio, Mindjet, Omnifocus, OmniOtuliner and other structured and outline software and apps.

We are building a community and we built MagicalPad Xchage file types for that purpose, we will be posting templates that you can download to start from and you will be able to upload your own templates to share with the community.

Take school notes in easy steps:

  • Take notes in separate sticky-like spread notes as you type them or think of them, then organize them later in an outline using simple drag-drop to merge, split and add to outlines
  • On the other hand, if you are writing a paper or starting from a high-level-view idea, start typing your outline, then add more items to it with greater depth and content details. If a section of the outline gets bigger and deserves its own existence, simply drag it out to the workspace to become its own outline; if you change your mind you can drag it back
  • Simply convert a list item to a checklist item by tapping on the dot to convert it to a checkbox, you can type in your action items as you are working through your notes
  • You can zoom in and out and pan around on your content in a freeform layout to get the depth and detail you want or zoom out to get the bigger picture
  • Expand and collapse full outlines or just parts of them to stay focused
  • Share your notes via email, with a text outline and PDF attachment – automatically
  • Share your notes Via DropBox, Evernote, or Google Docs as RTF, PDF, MPX, or OPML