How to get your data from the iPad to the Mac

We chose Dropbox as a vehicle for moving data across IOS and OSX devices. to do that simply do the following:

  1. Upgrade your iPad version to have dropbox. version 3.4.1
  2. Enable dropbox on your iPad from the notebooks view go to app settings and turn on Dropbox Import/Export switch
  3. Select each notebook, from the notebooks menu select export to dropbox
  4. Enable dropbox on the Mac or another device by turning on the switch from the app settings on the notebook view
  5. You will see that the notebooks pushed to dropbox show as a “shell notebook” that you can’t open but download.
  6. From the notebook menu select import from dropbox
  7. If you make updates on the Mac, push them back to dropbox then pull them back from the other devices

We tried for more than a month to get automatic sync to work, but it was having versioning issues due to the limitation of the API to meet the complexity of our data model. We will introduce automatic sync later using custom API.

P.S. the iPhone version is being updated with the latest features and will be released later. If you already have an iPhone version it won’t have dropbox sync. However, you can export single pages as MPX and open them on the iPad or the Mac version.


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