Issues with Sync

If you have issues syncing try the following steps:

  1. If you have content that is on dropbox and not on ANY iPad/Mac (local content), make sure to pull it to at least one device before upgrading.
  2. Make sure you have the new version of MagicalPad on all devices.
  3. Do NOT remove content from any iPad/Mac.
  4. Delete MagicalPadAutoSync folder from Dropbox
  5. Turn on sync on ONE device at a time and wait for it to sync completely
  6. Wait for it to sync completely
  7. Turn on sync on the second device
  8. Wait for it to sync completely
  9. Now you have content sync’ed on all devices.

It is important to note that Sync is not a real time or dual time access and is not meant for accessing the same content at the same time. 

Sync uses lock file mechanism and Dropbox needs some time to process this.

P.s. If your device is not sync’ing with Dropbox try to revoke access to MagicalPad from Dropbox security page, then turn Dropbox back in and sync.


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