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Advanced Mind Mapping and Outliner App

MagicalPad is a productivity app that allows you to visually manage your notes, ideas, thoughts and tasks for school, personal and business needs.
Mind maps, outlines, tasks, todos, notes and more. All on the same page on the same app.


Freeform visual notes – Place text boxes, outlines mind maps, photos, and drawings anywhere on the page. Brainstorm for an essay, write class or meeting notes, or make lists. Merge and split outlines and easily drag/drop ideas anywhere. Double-tap to create textboxes anywhere then drag them to outlines and mindmaps to structure and prioritize your ideas.
Organize your pages and notebooks, export your content to a variety of formats and share with your friends.

Advanced Mind Mapping

Advanced mind mapping tools that allow you more freedom in brainstorming and note taking. You can have unlimited mind-maps and outlines on the same page and convert freely from one form to another or have a hybrid mindmap of topics and outlines on the same map. We call it deep mind-mapping.

Powerful Outlining

Powerful outlining capabilities that allow you to structure your ideas and move them around the page. You can merge and split outlines and lists, mindmap branches, attach images and drawings and more. You can easily drag/drop to prioritize and vote for your best idea.

All On The Same Page On The Same App

While these functions are powerful on their own, the real power comes from having them all connected in front of you on the same app on the same page.

Visual Task Manager

Visual task management, a powerful task management engine that sits within outlines and mind maps enabling you to visually manage your tasks like a dashboard. You can quickly add icons, tags, set dates, priority and add attachments to topics, tasks and notes. With the added dedicated task-view you can also track your tasks in a very focused context.

Tasks & Todos

With the added dedicated task-view you can also track your tasks in a very focused context. Switch immediately to a page view to see your tasks within the mindmap or outline.

Filter tasks by due dates, tags, notebooks, pages, to-d0-next and more. Attach drawings, photos, MS Office documents and iWork documents to any item or task.

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